130 Series sets

G130 and M130 sets belong to a new series of ultralight and smallest Triopo photographic tripods.


The sets include:

  • M130 aluminum-magnesium tripod or G130 carbon tripod;
  • KK-0S Ball-Head;
  • Textile casing for your set, the so called "sleeping bag";
  • Textile case for tripod head;
  • Allen key.


Both aluminum-magnesium (M) and carbon (G) versions belong to the Traveller™ group of tripods. This means that their legs move in 180° range so that you could reduce the length of tripod legs for transportation purposes. Legs length is adjusted with TLM® rings. Each section is separated by a sealing flange to prevent sand, dust and dampness from entering inside. Legs wall thickness in M130 tripod is reduced to 1 mm, while in G130 to 0.9 mm.


Column rotation block

Compact when folded

TLM® System

Easily adjusted hinge resistance level

Ultralight x8C (G130)

Independent leg angle adjustment

Spring hook for additional weight-on

Light AlMg alloy (M130)

Each set in 130 series is perfect for travelling photographers and photo reporters, especially that it is compatible with air luggage size. Tripod's rubber feet are made of durable and soft synthetic rubber which provides stability for your tripod. Lack of spikes corresponds with safety requirements of commercial airlines. Legs move in a range of 180° and can be locked in three different positions. Smoothly adjustable central column is locked with an ergonomic TLM® clamping ring. Leg hinges resistance is regulated with an included Allen key.


Both heads are sold in a set with Triopo KK-0S which features Acra-Swiss mount (preventing against uncontrollable plate release), panoramic base with the rotation scale, double level and two independent locking knobs. 3/8" tripod thread and 1/4" thread for gear mounting.





Ilość sekcji

Maksymalna średnica

Minimalna średnica

Maksymalna wysokość

Normalna wysokość

Minimalna wysokość





Model (code)

Sections (number)

Max. dia. (mm)

Min. dia. (mm)

Max. H. (mm)

Norm. H. (mm)

Min. H. (mm)

Folded (mm)

Weight (g)

Max. load (g)

Material (symbol)

G130 5 22 10 1 225 1 090 260 335 674 3 000 x8C
M130 5 22 10 1 225 1 090 260 335 805 3 000 AlMg



Minimalna średnica




Model (code)

Plate (model)

Base dia. (mm)

Ball dia. (mm)

Max. H. (mm)

Quickrel. (type)

Level (type)

Screws (in)

Weight (g)

Max. load (g)

Material (symbol)

KK-0S KB-3939 (40x50mm) 41 25 84



↥1/4 ↧3/8 255 4 000 AlMg




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