GE Series

GE Series tripods are made of new generation eight-layer carbon fibers – light and solid material ensuring the maximum load capacity of 15 kg.


The laminate used for Triopo GE tripods, based on carbon fiber technology, is 40% lighter than aluminum and suppresses 60% more vibrations. This helped to reduce leg wall thickness to 0.9 mm. The devices come with a Traveller™ design, which means that their legs move in 180° range to allow you reduce your tripod's size by the length of a mounted head and protruding central column for transportation purposes.


Legs length is adjusted with QL® clamping clips. Each section is separated by a sealing flange to prevent sand, dust and dampness from entering inside. The tripod is an ideal tool for travelling photographers and photo reporters. The tripod's rubber feet are equipped with retractable steel spikes that are irreplaceable on boggy ground.



Column rotation block

Compact when folded

QL® System

Easily adjusted hinge resistance

Monopod option

Comfortable neoprene handle

Retractable spikes

Independent leg angle adjustment

Weight on spring hook

Reversible column

Ultrawide leg operation


Ultralight x8C


To increase the comfort of use, one of the tripod legs has been fitted with a wide handle made of insulating, anti-slip and impermeable foam. But GE Series brings yet another invaluable advantage, allowing you to transform your tripod into a monopod in less than 1 minute by unscrewing one of its legs. Legs move in a range of 180° and can be locked in three different positions. Smoothly adjustable central column is locked with an ergonomic TLM® clamping ring. Leg hinges resistance can be regulated with an included Allen key. In addition, lower part of the column has a spring-loaded hook for hanging additional load to stabilize the tripod. The column's design is unique, so that you could mount it conversely and set the tripod as close to the ground as possible.





Ilość sekcji

Maksymalna średnica

Minimalna średnica

Maksymalna wysokość

Normalna wysokość

Minimalna wysokość





Model (code)

Sections (number)

Max. dia. (mm)

Min. dia. (mm)

Max. H. (mm)

Norm. H. (mm)

Min. H. (mm)

Folded (mm)

Weight (g)

Max. load (g)

Material (symbol)

GE-3228x8C 4 28 19 1 500 1 250 150 465 1 221 15 000 x8C
GE-3230x8C 5 28 16 1 848 1 590 155 495 1 351 15 000 x8C
GE-3232x8C 5 28 16 1 895 1 635 145 510 1 380 15 000 x8C




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